Not really the weather for pasties I suppose, but made these nevertheless last night.

The pastry was an issue- tried to thaw a piece in the microwave, didn’t work too well! Oops!

So I decided to make a quick shortcrust instead as we had a visitor coming for dinner.

I almost ran around the garden collecting herbs that the wildlife thankfully have left alone for once – sage, thyme, olive herb and even a pepperberry or two and a leaf from the tree. Chopped them finely and included them in the mix.

All in all it made a tasty, crispy pastry – just a little challenging to roll as was so fresh, not rested.

Filling of mince, garden vegetables and matching herbs, including homegrown onions and potatoes.

Excellent for dinner, even tastier for our picnic lunch today. Great for school lunches by the way.

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