Easter Buns of a Different Kind

New invention, Easter holiday buns of a different kind.

I made some fudge for today, planning to share it around. I’d found a tin of top n fill caramel in the back of the pantry and melted it with very good quality chocolat de couverture noir. Hmmm, very rich indeed, maybe not to everyone’s taste.

So I decided to make buns, lightly sweetened brioche style dough, to enclose smallish squares of the fudge.

I thought it needed a little acidity, so topped with preserved apricot halves, then enclosed in 12cm diameter circles of the dough, let them rise and then baked them.

Afterwards they were brushed with a sugar glaze and left to cool, after which whipped cream was piped into their centres

Fresh from the oven
The finished buns, creamed and delicious
Cut in half, the delectable filling is revealed.

Visitors pronounced them delicious.

Not traditional Easter fare but definitely on the menu for the future. It was a very successful way to use up that over-rich fudge.

Now I just need more visitors to call in to eat the rest!

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