Banana-Rumma Cake

Wednesday morning tea offering for The Custard Club (as spoken about in “The Comfort Bake”).

A friend recently gave a a recipe for a Jamaican banana cake with a hint of rum.

I doubled the recipe, made some changes (like leaving out the coconut, I do so dislike coconut) and a few other tweaks, like adding more rum.

The result is what I have named Banana-Rumma Cake.

“Delicious!!”, The Custard Club members all pronounced.

I’d made an egg custard laced with a little nip (or two) of rum to accompany the cake.

The only recommendation was that I up the amount of custard. “A bucketful would be good” it was decided.

And so it will come to be. I’m now looking for a nice ceramic or enamel bucket or jug with the capacity to hold two litres of custard!

(I will post the recipe tomorrow.)

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