The Yoghurt that didn’t get away

I do like a bargain, that’s for sure. Yesterday I came across an excellent deal while out doing grocery shopping.

Sitting forlornly on a large refrigerated shelf was a 10kg bucket of Greek yoghurt – not even close to use by date.

Cost? $5 for 10kg!!

Maybe shoppers were put off by the sheer size of it.

I thought at the very least Cilla the pig would enjoy it but no, sorry Cilla, on second thoughts, it’s too good for that.

I’ve just made 4 kilos into Labna, some plain batches plain (lemon) and one herbed.

Items in the cooking school space were spurred back to action – the jam and chutney stirring spoons are being used to support and drain the whey from the cheese, and the kitchen stools turned upside down support the spoons.

Although the whey can be used in cooking and smoothies and such, I will send some of it Cilla’s way so she doesn’t miss out altogether. It’ll be good for her digestion after all.

The remainder of the yoghurt – it will still be in date for some time yet, but 6kg is a lot to use, so I have portioned it off into containers and placed in the freezer where it will safely keep for 2 months.

I know the texture changes a bit, but it’s still fine to use in baking.

Not a drop of it will go to waste!

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