Yoghurt Cheese (Labna) and more…

For those who saw the post about the 10kg bucket of yoghurt for $5, here are the products derived from it so far.

Three large jars of labna, two plain {lemon) and one of herbed. These are now ready to share around the family, it’s always been a real favourite.

The whey has not gone to waste. I used that in today’s bread, giving it a lovely flavour and good texture.

(Actually, visitors who dropped in this afternoon tried slices of the bread spread generously with the labna – they liked it so much I sent a few balls of it home with them.)

The extraordinarily ordinary looking pans of root vegetables cooking on the wood stove – these were gently pan fried in olive oil and butter (just a little), then some of the whey poured over and used as a basting liquid until the vegetables were tender.

A few cups of it went into the chook food for tomorrow, and Cilla the pig’s of course.

The rest is jarred up and waiting for inspiration tomorrow.

Cake maybe? Suggestions anyone?

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