Sally’s first full colour book! In her new book, Sweet! Sally gathers together 260 of her best recipes for treats: puddings, slices, confectionary, cakes and biscuits. Here is whole range of delightful goodies from date puddings to tiramisu, from caramel cupcakes to apple crisps – from traditional family favourites to modern concoctions. There are even … Continue reading Sweet!

Slow Cooker

Sally Wise owns two crock pots and three slow cookers. At this very moment there is probably a pot of something delicious on her kitchen bench, slowly cooking itself to perfection - to say that she is passionate about this style of cooking would be an understatement. In Slow Cooker, the bestselling author of A … Continue reading Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker 2

In 2009, Sally Wise's Slow Cooker became an overnight success -- not just the best known and best loved of the slow cooker books, but the biggest selling, outranking her many competitors. Since then readers have been pleading with Sally to write another book. Now she's done it! Featuring 128 brand-new recipes, tips on how to cook … Continue reading Slow Cooker 2

Slow Listening CD with Sally Wise

Slow Listening

This 2CD set owes the inspiration in its entirety to the wonderful Slow Cooker by bestselling author and culinary genius Sally Wise. Upon reading and ultimately cooking our way through her book, we became obsessed with unearthing some resplendent musical delights to accompany the flavours and aromas of her cooking. We have infused across these … Continue reading Slow Listening