Slow Listening CD with Sally Wise

Slow Listening

This 2CD set owes the inspiration in its entirety to the wonderful Slow Cooker by bestselling author and culinary genius Sally Wise.

Upon reading and ultimately cooking our way through her book, we became obsessed with unearthing some resplendent musical delights to accompany the flavours and aromas of her cooking. We have infused across these two discs a

range of music from many eras. Much like her book with her soups, meats, seafood, vegetables and desserts, we trust you will find similar parallels in our musical crock pot.

This is music to nourish the soul while eating the sumptuous and sublimely pleasurable food Sally inspires us to make. Sally has been kind enough to include just a few more recipes, a soupçon, if you will, to whet your appetite to make more of her wonderful creations in Slow Cooker.

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