Fruit tingle icy poles

For those who make the sparkling fruit drinks such as sparkling rhubarb,(recipe is in the Recipe section of my website), I have made a couple of interesting discoveries.

Firstly the bottles of sparkling drink can be frozen and when thawed, the bubbles are still there.  I don’t know how or why but it happens, amazing.  This means that you can make it well ahead of time and freeze it for parties or entertaining, or just to keep a good supply on hand.  One thing I did learn is to take about half cup out of the bottle before freezing to allow for expansion.  I learned this the hard way.

This led me to the second discovery – I pour the sparkling fruit drink (or sparkling elderflower for that matter) into icy pole moulds, filling them to about three quarters full.  I then freeze them for the grandchildren, who adore them – in fact I need to buy more moulds, they are in such high demand.  The bubbles remain in the icy pole of course as they do for the bottles of frozen drink, and they tingle on the children’s tongues as they eat them.  Hence they have come to be known in our house as fruit tingle icy poles.

They are vastly preferable to the commercial icy poles which are often additive-laden (have you ever seen a child’s tongue after they’ve eaten a red icy-pole?). The home-made fruit tingle variety makes the most of fresh seasonal fruits made in a very appetising way.

For adults you could of course just fill ice cube containers and freeze, then  use these to add to mocktails or cocktails, a very nice touch.

Just a few more reasons for taking the minimal amount of time and effort to make the sparkling fruit drinks.

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