Slow Cookin’ Summer

Summer, for many people the time of holidays and recreation, is an ideal time to make the most of your slow cooker.  They make wonderful seafood dishes that need no attention once they are in the cooker.  I also like to use mine to make vegetable side dishes to go with the main part of the meal.

Best of all is when going out for any form of recreation or shopping, a meal will be waiting when you get home hot and bothered, and saves the temptation and expense of buying take away food on the way home.

Try also some of the lighter dishes like a Greek Chicken Stew with Feta, Butter Chicken and Olives or Asian Spiced Roast Chicken.  If you have a ham that you are cooking over the next day or two, try using your slow cooker – there’s a recipe in “Slow Cooker 2” for Baked Ham with Maple, Mustard and Marmalade Glaze.

Desserts are sensational, needless to say.

All in all, your slow cooker is not just a friend for winter, but is equally as useful all summer long.

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