Small loaf of Bread

If you happen to be part of a small household, like one or two people, a large loaf of bread will often go to waste, or at least most of it will. Of course you can freeze bread, but I never seem to have the freezer space.

You can make and bake a smaller 2 person loaf. There is a recipe for this in “The Small Kitchen”. I like to use 1 cup of spelt and 1 cup of plain flour. I also add 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar to the mixture as this not only adds nutrients, but also extends the keeping time. If you don’t have that book, use any bread recipe but keep the dry ingredients to no more than 2 cups.

Finding a suitable loaf tin has always been an issue however. Last week I found exactly what I needed from Medhurst Equipment here in Hobart. It is a masterclass brand, with measurements of 15cm x 9cm. It has been absolutely marvellous. It has a double non-stick coating, is heavy duty so therefore ideally suited to making bread. It even has a 20 year guarantee, which means it will probably see me out.

Here is the cute little tin with the loaf I baked today to match.

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