Redcurrants and cumquats

During the last couple of weeks we’ve been able to preserve with redcurrants and cumquats. The redcurrants (and raspberries and silvanberries)  were purchased from Westerway Raspberry Farm.  They were frozen of course, but were picked in their prime, and freezing just holds them in suspended animation until you want to do something with them.

We’ve made, for instance, redcurrant cordial and jelly.

Those exquisite redcurrants


Redcurrant cordial and jelly, Stephanie’s batches

Yesterday I was making several batches of vanilla ice cream, and decided on a whim to add some of the redcurrant jelly that I still had sitting on the bench, using this as the sweetener instead of sugar.  The picture below shows how it looked at the end of its churning, and it tastes amazing.  Now I just need to make some chocolate ice cream and I’ll have my own version of Neapolitan.  That will have to wait – I’m out of cream.

Redcurrant Ice Cream

Daughter Stephanie and I picked cumquats from an over-laden tree on a local property.  Stephanie has made marmalade and I’ve made mine into cumquat cordial and vinegar. The cordial of course is used like any other cordial syrup, its advantage over commercial syrups being  that it is artificial additive free.  The vinegar on the other hand is delicious served as a simple dressing drizzled over tomatoes, basil and baby rocket or mixed lettuce leaves.

Stephanie’s cumquat marmalade ready to go

Cumquat vinegar in the making

There is so much more happening besides – every day there are new and interesting seasonal fruits to work with. If ever there should be a lull for a day or two, I have a freezer full of fruit that can I can work with.  It was all carefully stored away last summer when the Derwent Valley produced so abundantly.  I really need to empty it, as next season’s summer fruit will be available soon, and so the whole cycle will start all over again. You can’t ask for better than that!


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