Lemons, plums, pears and blackberries in abundance

You really can’t help but love the abundance of produce this time of year! Thanks to Emma and son Andrew we have about 40 kilos of pears and the same of lemons. Not to mention 10kg blackberries. Plus a friend gave us a bucketful of deliciously sweet sugar plums. I really should do something with the huge zucchini from the garden too.

I’ve made a start, as the photos show – dehydrating the plums and lemon slices.

Those slices are great powdered in the food processor, once they are dry of course. Store the lemon powder in jars in a dark cupboard. You can use it to flavour cakes, breads, savoury dishes even – like curries, pilaff, couscous, even quinoa.

Moroccan style salt preserved lemons are next.

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