Zucchinis – dehydrating

I am sure the zucchinis in our garden have gone forth and multiplied at a great rate. AND they are HUGE! There is only so much zucchini pickle to make, and so I needed another solution in a hurry. Just so happens that at the Habitat demo last Friday I was admiring their new dehydrators, magnificent beasts. I was allowed to bring one home to trial.

Inspired by the successful making of lemon powder, why not zucchini powder – to add to soups, stews, gravies, muffins etc, etc? This morning with Robert’s help, we loaded the dehydrator and the zucchini slices are now well under way to drying.

Just a note – most vegetables should be blanched in simmering water for a couple of minutes, plunged into cold water, then patted dry before placing in the dehydrator. Reason? Helps to kill any bacteria on cut surfaces and it retains vitamins and colour, as well as shortening drying time.

Once the slices are brittle dry, I’ll chop them in the food processor, and finally process them to a powder in my electric spice grinder. A lot of work you think? Not at all, and saves wasting all those zucchini – 2 x 2.5kg+ ones will fill a mere 190 ml jar at most.

In another post I’ll show how the lemon powder and explain how this is done, but for the moment, here are the zucchinis in progress …. By the way, keep the jars of powder in the fridge.

And a final note, somewhat retrospectively, zucchinis should be cut into 8mm slices before blanching and dehydrating. I take out any seeds as well – with younger ones this may not be necessary.

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