An entertaining evening

The last couple of weeks since the launch of “A Year on the Farm” have been extremely busy but fun.  A week or two ago I was invited to do a demonstration at the Habitat store in Hobart on one of their regular VIP evenings. Daughter Courtney, a uni student, now works there part time and is a dab hand at preserving.  By the time I got there she was in full swing making jam, strawberry cordial and a delicious onion jam.  I was able to spend a couple of very enjoyable hours talking to people there.  I love how people are so happy to pass on their tips and tricks for all sorts of cooking.

Courtney demonstrating making onion jam at Habitat

One lady, Margaret Rust, told me that there is a solution for softening the pips for raspberry jam, a tip passed down to her from her father.  He told her that it is especially helpful for those who have dentures – usually the raspberry pips are like little pieces of sharp glass.  The trick is to freeze the raspberries before making them into jam she told me.  It’s certainly worth trying!

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