Lemon abundance

We were given many lemons – about 40 kilos in fact.  Beautiful home grown lemons from the north of the state.  I’ll make lemon cordial and homemade lemonade of course, but I decided to dehydrate a bucketful or two.  It’s a simple process – no need to blanch most fruits as the acid levels are high enough to prevent spoilage at tis stage.  Simply slice the lemons (6m slices) and place them on racks in the dehydrator.

Once they were brittle dry, I chopped them in the food processor, then those pieces were placed in the spice grinder to process into a powder.  A bucket of lemon made about 125g lemon powder.  (Keep the jar of powder in the fridge by the way).

I kept some of the slices intact – they are delicious in a cup of black tea or coffee, herbal teas also.

The lemon powder is great for flavouring sweet or savoury dishes.

The biscuits on the plate were about to make their way out to the stall – little iced lemon shortbread biscuits.

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