Cat capers

Thought this afternoon I’d just sit down for a minute or two while I was waiting for some vegetables to roast in the oven, in preparation for a new-recipe roasted vegetable tart this evening. Good idea, thinks Miss Rosie the kitten, except that she made herself so comfortable that I hadn’t the heart to move her and almost ruined the dinner.

A couple of weeks ago our Courtney gave us a bean bag that I thought the grandchildren would like to sit or lie on to watch tv. Not so, thinks Tom the ex-feral. It is now his territory (set in a position to catch the sunlight for his optimum comfort) and woe betide anything or anyone that dares to set foot on it. Even when he’s not about, Rosie gives it a wide berth. She’s learned the hard way that it’s out of bounds.  Tom’s hook claw is not to be taken lightly.

Our lounge room now sports a large cat gym that I bought on sale at K Mart last week – in fact the entire area now resembles a cat’s playroom. I think we are a bit displaced. Still, the cats are a laugh a minute to watch, so who are we to complain? Far better and more entertaining than tv and because we are old, it can be put down to allowable, age-related eccentricity.

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