More about Truffles the kitten

She’s a funny little thing, this kitten we adopted last week.  She was one of a litter of five – the mother was run over by a car, the kittens instantly orphaned.  Daughter Courtney fostered them for the Hobart Feline Rescue Centre, bottle feeding them every two hours for weeks.

Truffles had trouble sucking, and did not want to eat at all.  It was doubtful that the poor little mite would survive.  She did though, largely due to Courtney’s perseverance with her.  Still very underweight when I first saw her, she was the one I wanted to adopt.  Well actually, I hadn’t planned to adopt any.  However, so tiny and so helpless is a winning combination, especially when she climbed on my lap, and so here she has come to live.

She eats with impressive voracity now and is starting to put on weight quite rapidly.  She loves to be cuddled and between smooches, has taken a fancy to the cat gym in the lounge room for her naps.

No-one could ever say she was pretty as such.  She looks like a Dr Seuss character – all lanky, long legs and skinny short tail, tiny pointed face, rounded little belly.  She has stripes that go nowhere, interrupted by short tufts of fur that stick up above the rest fro no apparent reason.  She looks like she’s been put together with leftover bits that weren’t wanted by others.

She is I’m told, a tabby-torty – meaning that she has ginger in her coat, seemingly randomly placed in her case.

For all that she is, we love her to bits.  She is so sweet natured and full of confidence.  On her first short spell outside today, she was captivated by the pansies that fluttered in the gentle breeze.

I heard some-one say recently that two cats is a party; three, as we have now, means you qualify as a crazy cat lady.  So be it – happy for it to be that way.

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