Bad and downright Ugly

The next episode is so bad and ugly in nature that I can hardly bear to write about it. Our poor old beagle Della was attacked unmercifully by another dog.

I have never seen anything so vicious in my life – manic, unprovoked rage by the offending animal. With a vet bill of thousands, which is a mere nothing compared to her suffering, she is now home and recuperating. It will be slow as she is an old dog. I would post a photo of her injuries, but it would be too horrific to look at. Due to the operation to clean the wounds, she has a 6 inch or longer stitched cut on her side and black bruising the size of a football, more like two footballs. There are many puncture wounds besides.

I try to encourage her inside where I think she would be more comfortable, but she prefers the security of her bed on the verandah, poor darling. At least she will eat, so we can administer antibiotics and pain relief in little morsels of mince.

She is such a darling gentle dog. For those who have visited here, you will remember her warm welcome and happy ‘smile’.  She certainly did not deserve this.

The worst of this situation (aside from Della’s suffering)?  The attacking dog was a rescue animal that we purchased from a very reputable animal refuge after much consideration and consultation.  We were repeatedly assured that the dog was good with all other animals, children; the perfect dog in fact.

Gradually however, we became aware that she had an unfathomable streak that started to become worrying.  She had a scrap with Della once before, but after consultation with a dog ‘expert’, a professional, we were assured that such tiffs were entirely normal.

How I wish I had shown better sense, as this final attack would not then have occurred.  The guilt I feel is immense.  Della is the one who has paid the price for my monumental lack of good judgement.

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