Bottling and Preserving!

The produce this year is stunning, both in the garden and in the surrounding Derwent Valley in general. The shelves and benches in the cooking school are loaded down with preserves and all the storage cupboards in the house are groaning with their overload of filled jars.

I’ll stock up the roadside stall with a wide range of them tomorrow. There will be rhubarb and raspberry jam, plain raspberry jam, sweet chilli sauce, tomato chilli pickle, berry cordial syrups, piccalilli, apricot chutney, apricot jam, Worcestershire sauce, redcurrant jelly and lots more.

Much happier times here now with Della on the improve at last. There’s been two classes in the school over the last couple of days – one for bottling fruits, the other for making all sorts of preserves – chutneys, pickles, cordials, jams, jellies, chilli sauce and others besides. Many of the ladies came for both classes – they were great fun to have here!

Hope their luggage didn’t weigh too heavy on the way home…

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