Great expectations

Many thanks to everyone for their concern for our Della. You will be pleased to know that the post-op report from the vet was good. Today for the first time since the attack she toddled up to the cooking school door while a class was in progress (she is ever-hopeful that it’s sausage making day).  Her great expectation was rewarded as I cooked a sausage especially for her.

We are very thankful still to have her. It was a huge operation and we didn’t know if she’d even survive anaesthetic. Big thanks to Lindisfarne Vet for their excellent care of her. Despite all she’s been through she is still happy to visit them, which is a testament to how kindly she was treated.

While I am in favour of adopting rescue animals generally, after our experience this week I’d urge people to be extremely careful of how they choose and from where. Be sure the animal has been thoroughly behaviourally tested.

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