A Touch of Frost

Yes, there’s been a touch of frost here in the valley this morning. It’s so cold that even the dog’s water bowl froze over (Robert punched a hole in it to prove the point). It still is frozen for that matter.

I’d love to still be a child sometimes.  I used to truly believe that a little, good-natured elfin man had visited in the early hours of a frosty morning, dusting the landscape with a paintbrush of powdered ice.  However, even though the romance of this notion is gone, the beauty of the scenery touched by frost is undeniable.


Truffles the kitten, who did not enjoy the ice on her paws at her first experience of such cold, at least found a lovely sunny spot to catch a nap while she waits for things to warm up outside.  She’ll continue her snooze in the rhubarb patch no doubt before too much longer.


Old beagle Della was none too impressed with the chill of the morning, doesn’t do too much for her arthritis, but she was much happier after a breakfast of warm egg nog laced with dog biscuits.

And now it’s turning out to be a perfect autumn day. Time to do some baking then ….. it will be lovely and warm in the cooking school, especially if I light the old slow combustion stove, Carmichael.  Seems like just the day for it.

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