What manner of quince?

This morning we went, for the first time in ages, to Hobart Farmers Market. We’ve been so busy with the farm and cooking school that we’d just not had the time. It’s grown a great deal and changed location since we last went along. Lots of lovely produce and baked goods.

This product I particularly wanted to try -7 hour slow roasted quinces, delicious. I could use them on a tart or on top of a cake, but I think they would marry well to the pork roast we will have for dinner this evening.

I’ve poured a little of the (delicious) liquid into the baking dish with the pork, onion, celery and carrot. I plan for this to caramelise a little and thus make a delicious jus. I will lightly sauté some of the quince portions to serve with the pork. Apple sauce is great as an accompaniment, but I think this will be even better.

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