A Parcel from Queensland

And so what are these? We might well ask, as they’re not likely to be seen growing in these colder climes.  A friend in Queensland sent them to me – rosella flowers! And she went to such trouble to be sure they went through the proper procedures, were quarantined as they should be. How kind was that?


IMG_2325What a treat! I have a whole 8 kilos to play with. I think that I’ll pass on chutney as I don’t want to overpower their delicate flavour. However, I have jam on the go, as well as two jam pans full of cordial syrup in its initial stages. Apparently it is also good mixed with just a little balsamic as a sauce for game meats.

So many thanks to Katrina. Some rosella preserves coming your way very soon.


One thought on “A Parcel from Queensland

  1. Kate says:

    Wonderful rosellas – still miss them from Queensland! But didn’t you peel them? I’ve never seen rosellas cooked whole! Yes, they are painful to peel, with nasty sharp hairs on the pods but there is an easy tool to use. I still have a short length of half-inch pipe sharpened at one end which is pressed into the base of each rosella flower. The petals are pushed down around the pipe and the pods ejected into a separate pan to be boiled up for pectin. That liquid is then used to cook the petals for jam.


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