Eggs aplenty

Well, the chickens and ducks have started laying again in a big way – that’s a 5 litre bucket in the photo, and from our few birds it’s been almost filled to the brim within a couple of days.


Time for some baking then. Jelly cakes top of the list to be made, then sponge drops filled with jam and cream, Amy Johnston slices and large pumpkin cakes.

IMG_2438I’m afraid I had to sample the first two of those and my goodness, is there anything quite as good as sponge mixture in various forms, filled with jam and cream or coated with jelly especially? It’s no use, I’ll never be lean…..

2 thoughts on “Eggs aplenty

    • Sally Wise says:

      Hi Audrey – sorry for the delay in replying. I will get around to putting up the recipes at some stage soon. Regards, Sally


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