A Pig Named Tina

In a class here last Saturday, we were chatting with the guests about local accommodation and eateries. In the course of the conversation a little known attraction of one of these venues was revealed.

At the historic Tynwald Willow Bend Estate there lives, amongst others, a pig named Tina. From the time she was a mere slip, her owners Gary and Pat knew that she was of above average intelligence, and indeed this has turned out to be the case. Mind you, she has often turned this to mischief with an uncanny ability to escape the pigs’ enclosure and ‘knock’ at the back door to demand her breakfast.

She has an extremely healthy appetite, even for a pig, with an especial fondness for jam sandwiches.

Now two of the guests of last Saturday thought this was intriguing, and so decided to go to visit Tina afterwards. As they left I pressed into their hands two very large raspberry jam sandwiches to feed to her.

Next day, this is the text I received from Gary on Tina’s behalf:

“Thank U very much for a super jam butty.  Sorry, but wasn’t expecting any visitors 2 day, so my mudpack beauty treatment programme was still intact.  How embarrassing, but I came through with flying colours …. I think. Tina”

I sent a message back saying how she surely would have been gorgeous as always.  Her response last evening:

“Dearest Sally.  Received your message today.  Not doing much today, due to the hot weather. So just sunbacon.”

(Now that’s one special pig!)  here she is on one of my recent visits to Tynwald.  How could you not love a beautiful creature like this?


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