Poppy’s bad day

Look who’s had a haircut … I’m afraid it was a necessary evil. Puppy Poppy could barely see out of her fur-covered eyes and would go running through the house, full pelt, and bang into all sorts of things.  She hurt, or at least shocked, herself quite badly once or twice.

What started out to be a simple puppy trim turned into quite the drama. She was so distressed at the mere sight of clippers and scissors that she had to be anaesthetised. So, instead of the planned mini haircut, we decided to go for the whole trim while she was under. I leave you to imagine the bill for that little exercise (it wasn’t good…).

Poor little thing looks only half the dog she was and is still getting over the stress. She looks pretty relaxed now though, asleep in a warm lounge room on her soft day bed.

IMG_2735Pity it will have to be done again in a few weeks or months time.

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