Nothing dull about school holidays. Stephanie brought young Charly and Jacob and their friend Hayley around today to make taffy. My goodness the cooking school was smelling delightful.

The hook on the wall that looks like some Mediaeval implement of torture, is actually a taffy hook. It’s sensational to see the lumps of toffee pulled into ropes and twisted this way and that.

As for the flavour? Well, I leave you to imagine. Suffice it to say that there were the following flavours – coffee, salt water taffy, blueberry, jaffa, fairy floss, bubble gum, peppermint and raspberry.

Of course lots of energy is expended in the pulling and shaping of those hot balls of taffy, so pizzas were on the go for lunch.

Everyone has gone home now with their toffees all neatly packaged, but the walls obviously remember the fun. The aroma hangs in the air even now and shows no sign of diminishing any time soon.


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