The Rising of the Yeasts

This is the way we rise our yeast, rise our yeast, rise our yeast. This is the way we rise our yeast on a cold and frosty morning!

Bit chilly here today with a crisp frost on the grass, and here I am wanting two different yeasts to start to work. The sun-warmed stone front steps should do the trick.


This Sunday I’ll be giving a presentation at the Botanical Gardens’ Spring Festival. I want to take along some old fashioned, colonial style breads for which these yeasts will form the rising agents.

The recipes for these yeasts come from long-time Derwent Valley resident Mavis Beattie. They’ve been in her family for generations. One is based on hops and potatoes, the other also on potatoes but with citric acid.

I’ve not tried the citric acid version before, but if it’s even half as successful as the hop recipe, it will work really well. The flavour of the bread made from the hop yeast is exceptional.

Come along and have a taste of the bread and the various treats I’ll be serving with them. The presentation is from 1pm till 2 on Sunday.

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