The Power of Purple

What a welcome relief from the heat today. The 2ml of rain last evening has left in its wake this lovely cooling mist.


MInd you, we had a fantastic time yesterday with a group of young people who came along for a class, couldn’t have wished for better with such intense sunshine. Sitting out on the grass in the shade of the big tree out front was just lovely.

Everything in the garden looks happier this morning though. So many different shades of purple seem to be in vogue, even the poor little lilac we brought with us from Eaglehawk Neck is flowering for the first time in its life.  All-in-all it looks very pretty, with these little pockets of purple dotted in amongst the trees with leaves that are breaking into leaf, all different shades of green.


Tom and Poppy, who now have an understanding, sat together for ages on the verandah this morning just looking over the garden. This arrangement, by the way, is that if Poppy goes close to Tom, she receives a hook claw in her rump or somewhere else, painfully placed. You often can hear her shriek when she oversteps the limits of Tom’s tolerance. Other times Tom will smooch her. She wisely stays very wary of him.


Just another idyllic day on the farm.

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