Raspberry Infused Beer

Robert and I attended a beer and cider making workshop yesterday at Teros in Hobart. We learned the principles of beer and cider making so today, armed with such knowledge, we made a raspberry infused beer. It remains to be seen how well it turns out, we kind of ad-libbed here and there, but hopefully all will be good.  We will find out in about four weeks, by which time it should be ready to drink.


After the juice was strained off from the raspberries, it seemed a good idea to turn the remaining fruit pulp into jam, which worked a treat, maybe just a few more pips in each jar than usual. As you can see, no-one could ever accuse me of being a tidy cook.


A day of gardening besides, so much to do, so little time. However, sitting on the verandah at the end of the day with the aroma of a dinner of roast lemon and rosemary chicken in the oven, drinking a glass of red (for me), and homemade beer for Robert, it was well worth it.


We are so lucky here, with bore water to keep the garden green and growing so well. It’s like a little oasis. New chickens in the hen-house completes the picture. And yet ….. I have this empty arms feeling. I most definitely need some more animals to share this idyllic bit of earth. Robert has mentioned mini-goats. Anyone know the contact details of anyone in the Derwent Valley who has mini goats to spare?

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