Fermentation Time

Attended a Fermentation workshop at Teros last evening, which I have to say was excellent. I’ve made sauerkraut before, but with whole cabbages mostly and that’s been fine. However, I’d had only limited success (at best) with shredded cabbage version. Now I know why, so shouldn’t have any issues for the future.

Sitting on the bench here now I have Sauerkraut, Kimchi and Kombucha – these you get to bring home from the workshop.

IMG_2794A bonus for the sheep here this morning was the large boxful of leftover cabbage leaves. A very nice breakfast indeed they thought.

IMG_2778IMG_2788IMG_2789Tom watched on while the chooks and ducks were fed, not too impressed as Poppy had managed to get through the gate and he considers this to be his territory. Tom looks after the chickens, never attempts to kill a baby chick, ever. I think that’s astounding given the fact that he was once feral.

IMG_2792Poppy and Truffles have their morning romp as usual. It looks like Truffles is getting the worst of it, but they play like this by the hour – Truffles actually seeks her out. It’s Poppy every time who ends up yelping from a strategically placed claw.

IMG_2781And so to work, a ton of editing to do. Dinner of spiced corned brisket bubbling away in the slow cooker, so hopefully all for today is under control.

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