Sheep Capers

The things you’d see when you don’t have a camera. Actually, just as well no-one did really. Doris the ewe and Ramekin the ram found a way to jump over the electric fence tonight. They’d been enjoying a sojourn under the trees for a couple of days, mowing down the grass for us.

First the ever-wilful Doris was out and unceremoniously sent back in, then Ramekin, then Doris again, with the other 3 sheep looking on and about to try the same caper. Obviously time to return them all to their paddock.

And so … back to the blessed lack of camera, there was Robert clapping his hands to herd them down through the gate. Usually they would obey, but tonight not. So out I ran to the rescue (in pyjamas) racing and waving like a mad thing with one small Maltese Schitzu and ginger Tom taking up the chase behind me.

Eventually one way or another we did succeed. The sheep were duly shut in but then stood bewildered at the gate wondering why they’d been treated in such an unseemly fashion. They are like a bunch of naughty children – too spoilt for their own (or own own) good.

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