Poppy’s Day Out

Butter wouldn’t melt in its mouth, right? This dear little Poppy puppy of ours. “Not a nasty bone in her body” says I to the dog groomer a couple of days ago when I dropped her off for a hair cut.

Last time she was groomed (elsewhere) she was just very nervous, so much so she needed to be anaesthetised.

The groomer this time was wonderful and had no trouble with her at all UNTIL she touched her chin. Poor lady ended up with two bleeding thumbs from severe nips delivered by this little “angel”.

I hope the look on her face here is one of shame, though I highly doubt it. Robert and I have ‘homework’ to do to get her used to being held by the chin for future visits.

She does look very cute now though, I must admit. Far better than the self-propelled mop head she resembled beforehand.


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