Raspberry things

We’ve been invaded!  A huge number of shiny little green beetles are munching their way through the leaves on our raspberry canes.  Millions of them, literally.  Robert has sprayed with pyrethrum, but still they keep coming.  Just look what they have done so far, in the space of a few hours… if this keeps going there will be no raspberries from our garden this year.  I am told these beetles actually kill the raspberry canes with their voracious appetites.

On a happier note (and still with raspberries in mind), here is Robert’s raspberry beer which you might recall he made about three weeks ago. It’s now ready to drink as you can see, and jolly good!

IMG_2872There’s also the shortcake I was making to take into the ABC Jams and Preserves talkback last Saturday morning – gooseberry, apricot and raspberry. The finished product had shortbread lattice on top, and was served with elderflower infused whipped cream.


And so today, when all is said and done, what can you do as you watch your raspberry canes being devoured by marauding beetles? Keep calm and carry on cooking …

The result – so far in the drinks department – Seville orange cordial, sparkling (Seville) orangeade, sparkling rose petal, sparkling elderflower and orange and lemon cordial syrup in the making.

IMG_2876IMG_2875IMG_2878IMG_2877Scones were made for morning tea with raspberry infused whipped cream and fresh-made jam.

For dinner – a lovely big oven- trout with all the trimmings, and family coming to help us eat it.

I should be a lot calmer after that I think.

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