Greengage Picking in the Rain

Never been so happy to be soaked to the skin in all my life. I knew if I put clothes on the line, it just might bring back the rain that was so promising earlier this afternoon. However, schedule picking fruit – that’s a definite.

And sure enough, as we arrived to pick greengages from a tree in New Norfolk, the downpour began. It didn’t matter at all – it’s worth it to have access to the royalty of plums.

IMG_1420Wet we may have been but the rain felt so good, and it didn’t take long to fill some boxes.

A quick stop at the supermarket to buy more sugar. The girl at the checkout didn’t quite know what to make of a bedraggled, drenched old woman buying 24 kilos of it. I’m sure she must have thought we were quite mad.

But now I’m set for tomorrow to make greengage jam, strawberry too, as I was also given enough for a couple of good-sized batches by a very kind friend.

Despite all the dry weather we’ve endured for so long, this Valley is incredibly productive with lovely generous people who share the fruit around. Love it.

(All the more so now it’s raining)

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