Jammin’ on a rainy day

This morning was ideal for jam making – nothing can be done outside, so its a good excuse just to cook.

Greengage jam and strawberry were the order of the day. In the jug amongst the jam making paraphernalia are the stainless steel forks that I threw into the greengage jam to stop it catching as it cooked. It works really well, but my goodness there’s a sticky mess at the end – they’re a bit of a challenge to fetch out of the jam. MInd you, that was because I couldn’t find the tongs – they would’ve made it a whole lot easier.

IMG_1425All those jars plus the last couple of days’ worth are now labelled and good to go. But go where? All the cupboards in the house are full, the stall is well stocked and the cooking school shelves are packed to overflowing.

IMG_1428It’s a dilemma but I have to find somewhere to store them. At least there are plenty to share around the family and a good supply for winter.

There’s Quark, Labna and Marscapone on the go in the background, and later I need to make Feta and Halloumi.

A bowlful or exquisite strawberries were kept aside and are now steeping in brandy, a little sugar and lime juice. They will be served with Mascarpone filled pancakes tomorrow.

IMG_1431Strange sky over the cooking school as we did all this – looked like a collection of fluffy grey cotton balls before the thunder and lightning tore it apart. Then came the rain again. Hooray!


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