All Things Cheesey

So, a productuve weekend one way or another, and great company with the people who attended the cheese making class here on Saturday. Then yesterday a recreational catching up with dear friends from the past.

After the class there was Quark ‘left hanging’, and a surplus twelve litres of milk in the fridge (I always over-estimate in my ingredients’ purchasing). So it was back to the cheese making gear again this morning. Also had a meeting here so it was a good opportunity to try out some new recipes using Quark. Can’t remember when I used it last. Morning tea is a must under such circumstances, turns a business meeting into a party.

Now in the back of a Mad Millie cheese making book, I’d recalled seeing a recipe for little quark tarts. Finally found it last evening and set to work. Well, as is often the case when I use other people’s recipes, I lost concentration and messed up the pastry. I had to do a rescue remedy with that, but in the end it made 3 dozen crisp little tart cases.

The filling was mostly quark mixed with lemon juice, Limoncello and gelatine. Time to ad-lib, I doubled the gelatine and used lime instead of lemon. It was still a bit sour I thought, so added a little cumquat cordial I happened to have at hand.

I’d made lemon curd to top the tarts, as per the Mad Millie suggestion, and then a tiny piece of mint (as opposed to their suggested lavender or berries).


I have to say, they are delicious, but now there is no-one to eat the remaining ‘baker’s dozen’. So they are sitting forlornly in the fridge. I hope it won’t be necessary to feed them to the chooks in the end.

Oh yes, and the remaining quark – well I wanted to make something savoury with that, so mixed it with spinach from the garden, grated onion, lovely fresh-laid eggs, basil and parsley and four different cheeses that we’d made on Saturday. Plain fare but surprisingly tasty all the same.


A double batch of feta is now draining in its moulds lined with muslin, and there’s a fresh batch of Halloumi, made with grandson Jacob in mind. He just loves it.


We also made this in the class on Saturday of course, then pan-fried it in a little olive oil, sprinkled with fresh oregano from the garden. As a bit of a variation, you should try sometime coating each piece with egg and breadcrumbs and then frying it, delicious and much moister than when just fried without the coating.

Pretty fun way (or should that be ‘whey’?) to spend a couple of days I think.

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