The salt that masqueraded as sugar

Oh dear! After the cooking class yesterday, there were about 12 lovely yellow nectarines left over. As I have visitors coming for dinner tonight, I decided to make a nectarine crumble for dessert, maybe with lemon coconut ice cream …..

I stewed up the nectarines no problem, then added the sugar and gave it a little test taste. My goodness, what was wrong???

I’d not yet putting the kitchen back in order (you might recall my aversion to tidying up). Alas, the salt bin was in the space where the sugar bin normally sits. Yep, I’d accidentally added salt. I could have cried with frustration at my foolishness.


Still, no good crying over salted nectarines and refusing to waste them, I’ve now added all the requisite ingredients to make a nectarine Worcestershire sauce. And why not? Virtually any fruit can be used as a base. After all, you can never have too much Worcestershire sauce, plus it keeps for years and it’s one of the most popular items in the stall at our gate.


We happened to be bottling tomatoes and filling the dehydrator at the time, so the tomato tops and bases went into the mix as well.

I was also bottling off the remaining preserves from the class yesterday, so all the last scrapings of the various chutneys went in as well. It’s smelling pretty fine at this stage as it simmers away on the stove. However, if it turns out to be really good, I’ll never be able to duplicate the recipe.

Finally, finally now all the washing up is done and all the bottles of various preserves lined up in rows, all the effort seems worth it.


I always think preserves make such a pretty sight on the shelves, and tomorrow will tell the tale of the flavour of the a-la-minute invention Worcestershire sauce. I’ll keep you posted (literally).

And so now, the question remains, what to serve for dessert tonight …..

One thought on “The salt that masqueraded as sugar

  1. Lesley says:

    I’m like you, love the preserves on the pantry shelves and recently took a photo for my album. I also have a beautiful picture of the towels on the clothesline! Congratulations on rescuing the salted apricots!


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