Sunday Morning Baking

What do you do when you’ve spent the night at Nan and Grandad’s house? Cook of course, by special request of Charly.

On the menu this morning were cupcakes – tri-colour no less. Great fun as we raced to the chant of “chocolate, pink, vanilla!!” layering dollops of the mixture as fast as we could go into each of the cupcake papers.

IMG_1534IMG_1535IMG_1539A bit messy but in stitches of laughter. Jacob helped with test tasting the cake batter.


Once baked the cakes looked amazing, so Charly set to work with decorating.


IMG_1552Pity my photo of the interior didn’t come out too well, but you can get the drift.


Next? One of Charly’s other favourites – spiced pumpkin soup (recipe will be in my new book, “A KItchen in the Valley” due for release on March 21st).


We made other things too that I forgot to photograph – like a gluten free chocolate royal slice. It was a layer of gluten free shortbread, much like chocolate crunch, topped with raspberry jam, then a lovely white light marshmallow and finished with a thin spread of rich chocolate icing.

Their Mum and Dad came to share the end results for lunch.

So great to have the kids come stay – last night they also helped to make dinner; Jacob’s special request – stuffed tomatoes, and also Charly’s – tuna mornay.

Puppy the puppy has had a wonderful weekend but is now too exhausted to move after so much running around the paddocks with Jacob. She has settled for a well-earned siesta commandeering the cat’s blanket on the couch. Don’t know what Tom will have to say about that when he comes inside.

House seems awfully quiet now ….. oh well, might as well do some more cooking then. It won’t be nearly so much fun though without the grandchildren joining in.

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