The Making of the Wine continues

Let the games begin … or more like continue. This wine press ROCKS! A hundred kilos of grapes were barely enough to fill it as far as it needed.

Then it was the proverbial poetry in motion, juice pouring out in a steady stream. What an astounding colour it was, and the flavour exquisite.

IMG_1618IMG_1620IMG_1623All of us in were in on the act by the end of the morning (though I did avoid having to stomp the grapes, as the press is so powerful that it simply wasn’t necessary).

Even daughter Stephanie was not exempt from the wine making experiment. She is laid up at home, recuperating after major surgery. Therefore she was chief researcher when we weren’t sure how to proceed next, and to answer why the grape juice discoloured a little.

No grape skins and stalks went to waste either. Two containers will make a splendid afternoon tea for Miss Tina the Pig of Tywnald and her friends. Our sheep enjoyed their fair share also, very appreciative of a juicy afternoon snack – especially Ramekin who no longer seems to have any teeth, dear old man.

IMG_1624IMG_1625IMG_1634Finally, super-cleaner Nat saw to the washing down of all the equipment.
And so a day well spent I think. Next week, due to astounding generosity of people of the Valley, we will do it all again when another variety is ripe for the picking.

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