The Eye had it

Another day, another dilemma. Our little Poppy Puppy loves to play and romp with the three cats. Most of the time it’s amicable, but as the weather turns colder, Tom is exerting more of his influence in the house, rather than sleeping in his (or rather Poppy’s) bed on the front deck.

A game with Tom in the cat tunnel in the lounge room this morning did not have a good ending. Poppy received Tom’s hook claw in the eye. I heard a yelp, not at all uncommon at any time when cat claw connects with this over-enthusiastic puppy. However, Poppy was nowhere to be found for quite some time afterwards.

About an hour later she finally came out to her bed with one very swollen eye. A frantic trip to the vet revealed two little punctures in not too damaging spots in her eye. Duly dosed with antibiotic ointment, she is now home only a little worse for wear. She’s very quiet and sleepy though – think it came as a bit of a shock to her system, as it would.

Here are photos of the scene of the crime, the victor and the vanquished.

The vet said Poppy will need the ointment for several days, after which we hope she will have the sense to be more mindful of that hook claw of Tom’s.IMG_1637IMG_1641IMG_1639

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