The morning after the (pizza) night before

Yesterday, a blissful day of rain, at last.  It was not enough of course, but we are happy with every single drop.

Truffles, my lovely little kitten, spent the day happily curled up in her basket.

IMG_1696 Last night there was to be a meeting here, followed by the baking of many pizzas in “Herman”, the outdoor oven Robert built.

The oven cooked amazingly as always, but then there are always the leftovers to deal with.

As usual I prepared too much dough. Once upon a time I used to just send it to the compost heap or cook it up in the chooks’ mash next day.

However, I’ve now discovered a much better use. If you should end up in the same situation, with unused balls of dough sitting on the bench top, risen but with nowhere to go, you might want to try this.

Knock the air out of them and just scrunch them up a bit (you can re-roll into balls if you want). Grease a loaf tin to about the size you think you might need. Throw the balls of dough into this (the tin should be about half full).

Let this combined dough rise almost to the top of the tin and bake for about 40 minutes at 200 degrees C, until it is browned and sounds hollow when tapped with the fingertips. There you have it – a nice fresh loaf of bread for the next day.

It can be prepared and cooked like this while you are cleaning up the kitchen after guests have gone home.IMG_1705This morning when we opened the Herman’s door, there was still a good bed of coals and a lot of residual heat inside the oven. It felt perfect for slow cooking a casserole.


By way of leftover toppings, there were a large bowl of sliced onions and capsicums, and a lovely bowl of chopped fresh tomatoes. I’d already sautéed them in some oil, so into a casserole dish they went, along with some osso bucco pieces. That’s dinner sorted.

IMG_1707The leftover pizza sauce topping will be pressure canned later today. I am anticipating that this new piece of equipment is going to be a real asset in the kitchen for safely preserving low acid foods.


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