The fruit cake and oat bread continues…

OK, so here they are straight from the oven.

IMG_1692As you can see, the fruit cake has a couple of small cracks on top, the reason being that I had the oven too high for a few minutes, toasting the oats for the bread dough at the same time.

The bread didn’t need 8 hours to rise in the fridge by the way, it was ready in three. Maybe I could have let it rise just a little more, but then it can tend to spoil the texture if it rises too much. Besides, I was sick of waiting.

The proof of the pudding (and bread) is in the eating of course, but so far so good.

Speaking of which, the fruit cake could always be used, slices or wedges of it, as a dessert with lovely creamy custard and ice cream.

That’s pudding for tonight sorted then, as well as a little something sweet to enjoy occasionally with a cup of tea or coffee.

I can provide the recipes if anyone wants them, just let me know.

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