Rainy day play – leftovers

Meanwhile,as the pets peacefully slept, it seemed like a good idea to use up leftovers in the fridge.

I had thought it was a good idea to freeze labna. It seemed fine, and it would save having to use all that olive oil to cover them. Defrosted a container, went to ball it up and oh dear, the texture had changed so that it proved impossible. It wasn’t bad, just crumbly and the balls del apart as fast as I rolled them.

I could have made raita, if I’d only had a cucumber. So instead decided to use some leftover lime pastry, a half jar of lemon/lime curd I made the other day, the juice and zest of slightly sad, ageing limes and lemons and the last of my eggs to make a version of lemon/lime tart.


Thank goodness for food processors, because it smoothed the mixture out perfectly. That tart is now baking in the oven and looking promising.

I’d seen Robert heading back from the veggie patch with a bucketful of tomatoes, the last of the season I expect. He didn’t bring them inside, but shortly after when I went in search of a tart plate, I found him in the cooking school kitchen in the throes of preserving them, while at the same time making a brew of beer.


I have to say he’s made a neater job of things than I have. The kitchen in the house after making a salmon and corn loaf, two pumpkin cakes, pumpkin soup and now the lemon/lime tart, looks like a cyclone has hit with a vengeance. It would surely never grace the cover of “Home Beautiful”.


Oh well, I’ll just poach some lime slices to accompany the tart and then I’ll get to cleaning I expect.

Now all I need is someone to eat everything I’ve cooked or else they will just be leftovers of a different kind!

One thought on “Rainy day play – leftovers

  1. Lesley Proctor says:

    I’ve just been reading your blog entry of Dec 30, 2012 about preventing the discolouration of raspberry and apricot jam by storing in the freezer and thought I’d mention that I make all my jams and relishes in the microwave and they all maintain their bright colour. I cook 1 and a half kgs of fruit at a time in a large Corningware casserole dish. It also saves stirring and avoids sticking on the bottom as I time it for 20 minutes at a time. Happy eating all that food tonight.


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