Surprising Success

Well, what do you know! It actually worked, despite the overflowing of the dough. After the excess had oozed out, the jars sealed as usual.

The loaves appear to be light and fluffy and none the worse for wear for their slight over-yeasting.


I am very pleased indeed – this idea and method has great merit. Thanks again to Jessie for passing it on yesterday.

I think this is a great way to keep a ready supply of bread on hand, without having to use the freezer to store it. Very energy efficient in that respect, once it’s been baked, especially as (in my preserver at least), you can fit 8 jars (i.e. loaves) at a time.

There’s no way it will dry out either while it is being stored. A method that’s practically perfect in every way……

One thought on “Surprising Success

  1. Lesley says:

    I love your enthusiasm but the fact that you give credit to Jessie too. Isn’t it wonderful that we can share our cooking experiences?


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