The Bread that the Preserver Cooked

Time of reckoning this morning – would the loaves come out of the jars and what about the texture and taste?

Getting the bread put the jar was simple, no problem at all. The texture was good and it tastes delicious, albeit a little ‘yeastier’ than usual, but not too much.


It made wonderful toast (no hard crusts, excellent).

So now I have the overnight wholemeal bread doing its final rising in the jars. I will cook this batch in a large pot on the stove this time, rather than using the preserver I did yesterday.

That overnight wholemeal dough by the way was sufficient for 5 jars.

Tomorrow I’ll go to collect three different types of sourdough plant from a very generous friend. With these I will make sourdough bread by the same cooking method.

This will bring the whole thing full circle to where it began – with the phone call during the talkback on Saturday where a gentleman asked how he could achieve a softer crust on his sourdough bread.

So many thanks to him for his question, and a huge thanks to Jessie from Paradise who set this incredibly interesting experiment in motion.

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