A Hat for Herman

Herman the Bread Oven is getting a roof over his head, to serve as protection from the rain, frost and snow, to keep ‘him’ in optimum condition.

IMG_1892Robert has been hard at work for days now.  The timber from the old rickety and as it turned out, unsafe, carport that stood in front is gone, repurposed for the greater good to form part of the framing for Herman’s roof.

Yesterday son-in-law Nat came to give a hand, so with two working for the cause, even greater progress has been made.


Robert has risked life and limb back on the roof this morning, anxious to seal the gaps before the forecast bad weather strikes.  And just in the nick of time – here comes the rain …..

We now are confident that this wonderful oven will keep on baking as well as it has so far, for many years to come.

One thought on “A Hat for Herman

  1. Lesley says:

    So glad to hear of some activity down there. Thought you had all gone into hibernation but I guess there is some cooking still happening. You may be interested to hear of a citrus syrup pudding I made yesterday boiling 2 tangerine from our tree in a cup for cup syrup of sugar and water, blending all before adding an egg and mixture of SR flour and almond meal. Served with remaining syrup and cream, it was delicious. I couldn’t find a recipe for this method so I made it up!


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