Treat Time for Household Pets

So Poppy’s treats jar was empty and given the weather, it’s a good day for baking. I decided to make a double batch of the little dog biscuits she likes so much.

Two hours later and the task is finally finished. It seems, and I know I actually did, cut out hundreds of them – felt more like thousands.

IMG_1897It’s not only Poppy Puppy who loves these treats. Not long after I started baking, their savoury aroma filled the house.

Rosie, the fat cat of large appetite, then hung about at my feet with Poppy, waiting for the first of the biscuits to come from the oven.

IMG_1899IMG_1900She is a terrible mischief this cat. She ate one or two of the treats, then kept one just under her nose. Poppy who gobbled hers in a flash, thought she might help herself to that last one of Rosie’s.

You can see the stand-off that ensued.

IMG_1902Rosie soon delivered a couple of claws-out swipes to the side of Poppy’s head and then gobbled them up in front of her.

Old Tom, settled in his bean bag because of the rain, is very partial to the biscuits too – though he prefers to have them hand delivered to wherever he happens to be resting.

IMG_1903Even sleepy kitten Truffles disturbed her snooze to sample one or two.

IMG_1904Just another day in the household of pampered pets. I hope that liverwurst is good for the skin – I used two packets in the mixture. If so, my hands should be good for a while.

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