From My Freezer Garden

It was high time to visit my freezer “garden”. The stall at the gate was getting low on preserves and the freezer full to overflowing.

The cooking school was in great need of a tidy, and I think making jam always lightens any task. Combining the two would balance things out.

By the time the jam was cooked, the tidying was done, and indeed the cleaning didn’t seem nearly so bad with the aroma of the jam filling the kitchen. Is there any fragrance quite so good as raspberry jam in the making? I sincerely doubt it.


So now there are fresh, still-warm jars of raspberry jam on the stall at our gate. Should the jars seem smaller than usual if you come to purchase one, they still contain the regular amount (250ml), just different shaped jars.

If the jam is all gone when you arrive, simply ring the phone number on the sign at the gate. There’s plenty more jars in the school that I can bring out for you.
I have plans for Sunday – gooseberry jam. I have loads of fruit in the freezer still. It means frozen fingers of course in the topping and tailing on Saturday night, but the jam always warrants the effort.
I wonder what else I’ll find in the depths of the freezer – redcurrants I know, and apricots. There’s my recreation sorted then for the next few days.

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