Our Rose

Books were threatening to overtake the house, covering tables and work surfaces everywhere. We decided it was time to buy a couple of small bookcases for the lounge room.

It has worked really well, especially for Rosie, our middle cat. She is a dear little thing, friendly and lovely to all except Truffles the kitten, whose presence she has always taken great exception to, and she never misses an opportunity to harass her.

She is devoted to Robert, in fact we call her his ‘other dog’, and this is why, I think, she loves her new perch so much. It is next to his chair so she can climb down onto his lap anytime. We’ve bought a little carpet mat to sit on top of the bookshelf for her extra comfort.

She never sleeps anywhere else now, except at night on the bed of course, and has even stopped chasing Truffles. Strange how a solution to a nasty ongoing battle can come from the most unexpected places. Funny little cat.


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